Sep 3, 2014

Why Christians won’t back down on gay marriage

A very well observed piece in the Week on what is going on in the gay marriage debate and why Christians won’t back down.











(HT: Yvonne Nickerson)

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  • There is one sense in which the homosexual ‘debate’ is a non-issue. The Bible is quite clear and as this useful article explores, the Christian ethic has always been radically different to the world’s. However, if anyone DEMANDS to know what I think about “homosexuality” etc, then I’m inclined to respond, what do they think of God’s ‘one flesh’ ordinance? 99% of people have no idea what this is and then I think we are entitled to say, politely, that once they are in a position to understand and to sensibly discuss God’s one-flesh ordinance, then there is nothing useful to discuss on ANY issue of sexual politics. That may make them annoyed, but we are not OBLIGATED to spell-out our position on anything, except perhaps, the Lordship of Jesus.

    My book “One Flesh” does not mention homosexuality at all! And it provides a biblical definition of what marriage is.

    Its freely available to people with e-readers – just go to “free stuff” on the Glory to Glory website. Otherwise you can obtain it here:

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