Jul 28, 2014

Christians – the world’s most persecuted people

This piece in the Independent highlights both the extent of Christian persecution in the world today (did you know that 80 per cent of acts of religious discrimination occur against Christians and that 11 Christians die each hour for their faith) and addresses some of the reasons why the global persecution of Christians receives so little attention in our media and from our politicians.










(HT: Ted Turnau)


  • The Bible points towards a time in the future when the persecution of those who are disciples of Yeshua (Jesus) have clear analogies with the persecution encountered by the earliest believers. Under 2020 Vision (extract below), vision # 6 envisages that in the future, amongst the 7 focuses of the future church, there will be a clear commitment to prayer and practical action for suffering believers.


    I wonder why it is that the institutional church is so reticent to support our persecuted brethren? How many churches bother to mark Suffering Church Sunday (usually in November)?

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