Apr 3, 2014

How to buy the best commentary for every book of the Bible

Looking for help in buying the best commentary? Here’s an excellent resource to guide you to the best commentaries to buy on each book of the Bible. Whether you’re looking for an introductory or more technical commentary all levels are covered and each is well introduced.


(HT: Justin Taylor)

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  • This is a useful resource. Thank you. I note however these books, good tho they are, are pretty much all American! I love Americans and have some US Christian friends. But we do have some modern UK bible commentators as well!

    There’s a great short commentary on the Old Testament by Steve Maltz called “God’s Signature –The Wonder of the Hebrew Scriptures” (2012). This one is firmly in the popular theology genre, but has some wonderful deep insights. Maltz has a fresh commentary on the stocks just now (I have just proof read it!!) called “God’s Blueprint – What the Old Testament tells us about its Author and its cast of thousands”. I can affirm this is also deep but thoroughly accessible to the “ordinary Christian” (and indeed, non-Christians). Its good that there is some popular theology stuff out there that measures up well against the heavyweights!

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