Oct 11, 2013

David Mitchell on why atheism isn’t the answer

(HT: Ben Desmond)


  • Well reasoned & well put. Rational & compassional, good for you David.

  • I could break down and critique alot of what he said. But I’ll just latch onto this point. He says “I’m not convinced there’s something”. That statement is what the vast majority of atheists (that I know of) would happily agree with too, and it is that position which qualifies them to be defined as an atheist. It seems to me that Mitchell is in essence saying, without realising it, that the people who think like he does are not holding the most rational position. It’s quite clear to me that he doesn’t understand exactly what he is criticizing.

    • “I’m not convinced there’s something” isn’t a description of an atheist. Rather it is the statement of an agnostic. A dogmatic atheist would say they are sure there is nothing and it is that kind of dogmatism that Mitchell rejects.

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