Oct 1, 2012

A new resource for preachers and preaching

St Helen’s Bishopsgate is the church where I first heard the Bible preached and where through that preaching I became a Christian. Today sees the launch of a new resource from St. Helen’s entitled Preaching matters and promises to offer wisdom for all those who share in the awesome responsibility of proclaiming God’s word.

Here’s William Taylor’s introduction:

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  • Ah, there’s nothing to it; that’s just the way we talk. That’s part of the prlboem and then I noted there were not any black families in the congregation.IN the SW, US it is about hispanic’s. I tried out at a congregation hard against the border to Mexico and was asked this by the elders How do we reach the Catholic’s in our town? I responded with evangelism and making contacts in the community; but then I asked Shouldn’t I be learning Spanish to really reach them? They said: No, that’s not important. Yes it is if we are to reach some.In the midwest I worked with a congration that was mixed race and got along on the surface; but when you came to know them their were prlboems with the black and white brethren.We still have this to constantly work on and it seems to be reversing in some areas by the those who have won many battles are now turning back to associating and excluding those to whom they should be embracing.How do we overcome these difficulies?1. Teach the truth of God’s word.2. Practice it in our daily lives.3. Be willing to go the 2nd mile.4. Help others to see their error in area of race.5. Do not tell jokes that are racial or have a racial slant.6. Do not use some the by-words for race.7. Have someone into your home that is of another race things change when you put your feet under the same table and eat a meal together.8. Work on being fair minded to all groups.9 Try to help those who still consider themselves victims and take advantage of what we have today. My ancestors may have done some things that were wrong; but I have tried not to in my lifetime.10. Hold all accountable to God and the Word of God.Just my thoughts.Dave

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