Sep 27, 2012

Honouring Christ – the Christian and same-sex attraction: some very personal thoughts from Vaughan Roberts

In this honest and compelling interview in Evangelicals Now Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St.Ebbe’s Church, Oxford discusses his own struggles with same-sex attraction.

How many Christians struggle in silence with this same issue? Vaughan’s words will offer comfort that they are not alone and renewed confidence that with God’s enabling power Christians can live for Christ.

I hope too that his example will lead to a greater degree of openness in our churches as we support and encourage one another in the daily fight against sin. In the interview he comments: There does need to be more openness in this area among evangelical Christians, given the rapidly changing culture we live in — and the resulting increased pressure on believers who face this battle.


  • Hey Neil

    Just been on your blog. Have been on it before. Just to say: I think it’s excellent. You write very well bro. Hope all is good.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Andy. all good with the Powells thanks!

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