Jul 27, 2012

Should I stay or should I go now? When should you change job because of stress?

The third installment on our series on work, stress, anxiety & the gospel. Today an opportunity to consider whether a time might come where the best way to deal with a difficult work situation is to move on. 14 useful questions to guide you;

How can I tell if I should persevere or leave my job?


Is this stress a one-off situation or a sadly all too predictable pattern?

Is it having a negative impact on my family that would be quickly removed by a change of job?

What is this job doing to me spiritually? No amount of job-satisfaction can possibly compensate for spiritual damage.

What is likely to happen if I do nothing about it for the next week, month, 6 months?

Is the stress leading to sin? Worry, or worse!

Is the stress leading to illness? Physical, emotional, spiritual

How is stress affecting my performance at work? Am I no-longer capable of doing this job well? Am I motivated enough?

How is stress affecting my witness at work? Is it obvious to all that I just don’t want to be here. Although there are other godly ways of staying and dealing with attitude issues it might be right to leave.

What are the alternatives before me?  Eg. Resign, sign-off sick, take a different role in the same firm, etc.

Is it easily avoidable? Ie Am I the primary cause of the stress in which case how should I change the way in which I work?

Are there opportunities for witness that make it worthwhile to suffer stress? (Maybe we are all in the same situation and I can be a help to others, etc.)

What would I say to someone else if they were in my situation?

What spiritual support have you sought? Are there ways of being helped through it by the church?

What does my church-leader think?

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