Apr 2, 2012

A free e-book for victims of sexual assault & abuse

For the next TWO DAYS Rid of my disgrace: Hope and Healing for victims of sexual assault by Justin & Lindsey Holcomb is available as a free e-book from the Resurgence Store

Matt Chandler pastor of The Village Church, Dallas writes of the book:

I can’t express how grateful I am that someone is tackling this subject with both a pastoral heart and an understanding of how the devastating effects of sexual assault can wreak havoc for decades after the abuse. It is an epidemic issue where resources are scarce. There isn’t a weekend that goes by when we aren’t told a gut-wrenching tale of innocence stolen, then left trying to help a man or woman make sense of the pain. I praise God for the gospel that can heal and restore and for the Holcombs that had the courage and wisdom to write this book for us.

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