Mar 31, 2012

Why people in their 20’s are struggling with church

Why people in their 20’s are struggling with church

At our church we have started a ministry to 20somethings. Recognising that the transition out of teenage years and student life into the world of work and grown-up church brings great challenges for many.

Here are the 10 most likely reasons to struggle as compiled by Rob & Hosanna who head up this new ministry.

We’ve grouped them into four categories

Anonymous & unsupported:

  1. You used to be known by everyone in your parents’ church; now it seems like no one knows you.
  2. You were previously in a church where you felt you belonged and were valued. Arriving at your new church it might have been welcoming and friendly but you rarely see the same people Sunday by Sunday.
  3. You used to belong to a smaller church; now you feel lost in a bigger church and don’t know what to do about it apart from find a smaller church.

Under-used & unappreciated:

  1. You had a lot of leadership responsibility as a student; now it feels like you are bottom of the pile again.
  2. You were used to leading bible studies every week; now no one seems to want you to lead any.
  3. You did a year working for a church and felt invested-in and trained; now you are a ‘normal’ member you feel stagnant and under-used.

Frustrated by how other people are so very different to you:

  1. When in a student bible-study group, everyone seemed on the same wavelength and enthusiastic; now those around you seem more tired and perhaps a little apathetic.
  2. You felt challenged, encouraged and you were continually gaining new knowledge and skills; now you feel that those around you are old-fashioned and you find it difficult to engage in bible-study.
  3. You looked forward to getting to know non-students; yet you now find that you don’t really know anyone very well and it is taking ages to get to know people at a different age and stage to you.

Lacking in time and energy:

  1. You used to have plenty of time to go to lots of meetings/events; now work/life is so busy you can’t manage to get to things/feel pressured to go/guilty if you don’t/too tired to engage if you do/resentful and longing for things to finish so you can get to bed


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