Mar 14, 2012

Want to get to grips with the trinity? Try this infographic

Tim Challies has put together this excellent infographic on the Trinity. For more visit his website including this great one on books of the Bible

(HT: Lawson Hembree)



  • Not as good as being able to say to a child, look at Daddy and Mummy – see how they love one another and how they love you… about the most tangible Trinity picture going I’d have thought.

  • This is really useful although I’m really sure I see the error with the illustration of the clover:

    Surely each of the persons of the Godhead, although all fully God, are only a part, and not the entirety of, the Godhead – in the same way that each leaf, despite fully being clover, is only a part, and not the entirety of, the clover?

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