Jan 5, 2012

Lady GaGa, Joan Bakewell and the Apostle Paul

Dame Joan Bakewell, once a powerful voice in the campaign for the sexual revolution of the 1960’s, has again (see my earlier post) voiced her dismay at the outworking of the sexual ‘liberation’ she advocated for so long. This time the focus of her concern are the televised performances of Lady Gaga.

On it’s impact on today’s youth she comments ‘I perhaps overrated romance rather too much, but I don’t know whether they overrate sex too much these days, I’ve no idea. What harm it will do, I just don’t know.’











It seems, sadly a little too late in the day, she has accepted that the desire for  ‘freedom’ from sex within marriage has been a destructive freedom for through it we have begun to destroy ourselves. The truth is that we never find freedom when we run from God we only find that we have unleashed a force in our society that we are unable to control which begins its inevitable effect of corruption and destruction.

The Apostle Paul writes in his letter to the Galatians:

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

Pray for our children.





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  • You have not grown old Joan, but rather it is the Lower Class demographic that has attenuated itself as part of mainstream society with these self affirming displays. Being such a large number of Lower Class people it is inevitable that this would happen someday 99% culture could be what is considered Lower Class – this is enforced with lack of wealth distribution for a start and obviously alienates the aging who are unable to participate in the boisterous activities of this class, health notwithstanding.

    The discerning class conscious types will remain as insular and ‘covered up’ as ever (with the best advocating all and sundry’s democratic right to self-expression while attacking mob-rule) though trappings obtainaed with wealth do not equate to class (selfish sequestration or land and money by billionaires in tax havens or secret accounts – while people in their own countries starve and are jobless than researching a better society or at least opening soup kitchens in their own neighbourhood for a tart (Self Pride is a ‘No 3rd world in my backyard attitude.’), refusal to eschew asset declarations) and is increasingly being confused with class which again precludes protection of the very freedoms and modes of life unthinkable the ‘classy’ themselves detest!

    It is even possible that Joan has never had an opportunity to CHOOSE what class she belonged to and simply followed (or was hijacked) by her family or social circle and society around her though rising in class stature is a very difficult thing as much as ‘slumming’ in youth can create problems later in life when the individual ‘grows up’ or tires of having fun or is manipulated by society again into ‘agedness’.

    Young children and all society should be made aware of ALL demographics and social choices and aspects and characteristics of the same, so that self determinism will be allowed them as in a free democratic society, as well as laws to prevent manipulation or enforcement of local society, socil circles, even parents, on the same young children and citizens of a nation. This is the essence of civilisation that appears to have bypassed Joan entirely that even results in Jopan writing an article like this. Meanwhile many prominet and free minded thinkers are targetted for abuse and even incarceration or chemicala and electronic control by the psychiatric establishment and religious fundamentalists for their free thought.

    Some of us know because we in person have suffered decades of such persecution in countries and societies posing as modern democracies while merely being mob-rule minded oligarchs and pharisees abusing all differing modes of expression in life witrh money and collusion with the state.

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