Dec 20, 2011

Will Dawkins succeed in ‘destroying Christianity’?

In an interview with Christopher Hitchens in the Christmas Double Edition of the New Statesman, guest editor, Richard Dawkins, speculates as to what would happen if he and the new atheists succeed in ‘destroying Christianity‘.

Well it certainly looks as if he’s got some way to go in his attempts. The Pew Forum’s recentĀ Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Christian Population shows that as of 2010 Christianity is the world’s largest religion (2.18 billion)and accounts for one third of the global population. A proportion that has remained unchanged despite 100 years of secularisation and oppression of Christianity in communist countries.



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  • Good article and very encouraging. I wonder, however what proportion of these were Christians in name only. I only say this as 45 million Christans for the UK and 247 million for the US seems a little generous!
    Love the blog

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