Dec 12, 2011

What is the role of a Christian leader?

John Piper makes the case for reminding the people you are leading of your vision. There is a need for renewing, restating and rejoicing in your vision as a church.








‘It is the job of the leader to articulate the vision over and over again’ – Piper.

Will Mancini in Church Unique suggests the following opportunities for restating vision ranging from the formal through to the informal

1. In regular patterns for church at large eg. a preaching series, business meetings, church weekends, vision nights

2. Every time leaders meet

3. When making changes such as multiplying a small group

4. Every time people are considering membership

5. Every time you (as leaders) introduce change

6. Every time you recruit volunteers

Mancini writes:

‘For the skilled leader, every day brings “insertion points” for vision. They might be when a church member talks to a neighbor — a vision casting moment. It might be a teaching, transitioning toward application — another vision casting moment. It might be the children’s director inviting someone to be on the team….’

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