Nov 15, 2011

Looking for a good gospel outline? Try ‘Crosscheck’

CrossCheck is a new gospel outline from Paul Adams.  You can link to it on a website or download it as a file to show as a presentation. Clear, concise, compelling and biblical it might be just the right thing to help someone grasp the basics of the Christian gospel.

(HT: Ben Desmond)

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  • Hi Neil

    Thanks for posting this – it looks great. One thing I was wondering though is how this fits with the teaching in your TULIP series that we shouldn’t tell individual non-Christians that Jesus died for them. The view put forwards in the presentation is that Jesus has died for everyone but we only benefit that if we repent and believe, whereas I think the view in your series was that Jesus only died for the elect and everyone for whom Christ has died definitely will repent and believe.

    I’d be interested to know if you disagree with the view put forward in the presentation, but think that the rest of it so good that it’s OK to overlook a secondary issue or whether you don’t think the view in the video does conflict with your series on TULIP.



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