Nov 3, 2011

Why we shouldn’t all be church planting

The latest IX marks e-jounal focuses on the why and how of church revitalization. At a time when church-planting is all the rage here is a reason to stop and think about the place and opportunity of renewing a church.

Including an interesting article by Mike McKinley on the relative merits of church-planting vs. church-revitalization. The article could have been even more interesting if he had discussed the third option of church-replant. What is replanting and how is it different from church-revitalization?


  • A revitalisation begins by saying this church is dying. A replant begins by saying this church is dead.

    • That’s a neat way of putting things and I think that’s about right. I wonder whether it is less about whether the church is dead/dying as to whether the church’s leadership is dead/dying.

      Re-planting has at it’s heart a new church leadership with a new vision

      • A new church leadership with a new vision may be one of a number of things that has to happen (in either the case of a replant or a revitalisation), but I would think that a diagnosis of where the problems lie will vary depending on context.

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