Oct 27, 2011

Tim Keller and his 10 steps to sharing your faith in the workplace

During his final talk this morning at City to City: Europe here in Berlin Tim Keller gave a 10 point guide to conversational evangelism.

1. Let people know, casually and naturally, that you are a Christian.

2. Ask questions about your friends religious beliefs offering NO comment or response. Just asking thoughtful questions.

3. Invite someone to share with you about a problem they are having. Make it clear that you pray for people you care about and offer to pray for them.

4. You share a problem or issue in which your faith has really served to help you, illness, bereavement, lonliness, unemployment, etc.

then if your friend, neighbour or colleague wants to take things further

5. Share a book or recording that you think they might find helpful

6. Share your story of faith

7. Ask whether there are any problems that they have with Christianity

8. Take them along with you to church

And if they’d like to take things further

9. Meet regularly to read the Bible

10. Take them along to a discovery group eg Alpha or Christianity Explored.

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  • At what point do you tell them about Jesus? Surely the power of the gospel is not just in “my story of faith” it is in the object of my faith – Jesus!

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