Sep 23, 2011

Independent reviews Dawkins new book – ‘untrue, absurd and dangerous’

Did you witness Jeremy Paxman’s sycophantic interview with Richard Dawkins about his new book ‘The Magic of  Reality‘ on Newsnight a week or so ago?

If you did might well have shared a general and growing frustration that Dawkins keeps getting away with writing bad books and making quite a bit of money from it in the process (including another £10 from me for this new book).

In one sense, Dawkins is a great help in the Christian cause because he helps to ensure that ‘God’ and ‘religion’ are centre-stage.  Having said that I did enjoy this review in the Independent which does a good demolition job of the weak arguments presented in the book.


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  • From the context of your post, it sounds like you have purchased and read the book. Many of the comments on the linked site suggest that the reviewer has taken quite a bit of liberty in how he portrays the book. In other words, they suggest that Colin Tudge mis-quotes/mis-characterizes Dawkins. Naturally I would expect that from commenters that might be anti-religion, anti-Catholic, pro-Dawkins, whatever. But I was curious to see if you disagree with their assessment?

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