Sep 20, 2011

Frank Skinner’s advice to preachers after having heard a 1000 sermons

Comedian Frank Skinner in conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury is entertaining and suprising!

Listen in to part 1 at around the 15 minute mark for a fascinating perspective on preaching.



  • Thanks for highlighting this – indeed, entertaining and surprising. I thought it a bit rich of Frank, though, as a committed RC, to be assuming that Anglican / protestant sermons were just as bland as the homilies he’s sat through, and telling Williams to sort it out! I pray he’ll visit a Protestant church, where the centrepiece of preparation and energy is not hocus pocus from the priest, but the Word preached for the congregation to hear (…mark and learn and inwardly digest).

  • A lot of very interesting points in there, well worth thinking about. Worth it alone for bringing to my attention the quote : “The opposite of faith is not doubt: It is certainty”

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