Sep 7, 2011

Why are we here? Dawkins thinks aliens might be to blame

Richard Dawkins, the champion of the New Atheism, argues that we should base our lives only on that which is empirically verifiable or rationally provable and yet in this devastating interview Dawkins admits that;

a) He has no idea how likely it is that God doesn’t exist and wouldn’t want to put a figure on it

b) He has no idea how the universe was created

c) He has no idea how life began on earth

d) He suggests that we might be here because aliens put us here!

Given his lack of answers its perhaps no wonder that he’s happier raking in the money at the Albert Hall rather than debating William Lane Craig.



  • Wow. There are few times when I’m genuinely speechless, but I think this is one of them.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I really couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Truly astounding.

  • I have absolutely no idea how likely it is that the Tooth Fairy exists and I would not want to put a figure on it.

    I have no more of an idea about how the universe came into existence than you have about how your god came into existence. I simply do not believe that your god exists, although I do believe the universe exists.

    I have no idea how life started on earth, just as I have no idea what the builders who constructed my flat had for lunch on the third day of their work.

    My postman might be a serial killer.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment.
      Just checking: Did you really mean to write ‘how your god came into existence’?

      An intelligible definition of god implies an eternal being.

      By definition a god cannot come into existence c.f. Fallacy of category mistake.

      • It is not a category mistake. Your belief system assumes a god exists, but has no explanation for why it does. Rather than explain where this god comes from, you simply move the goalposts and state that it had no origin (with no evidence to support this). Oddly enough, the idea that the universe could be caused by something other than a god but without an entity to create itself isn’t seen by the average believer as being in any way comparable as an explanation, for some reason.

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  • So does anyone else have the answer to how life got here? Saying “God” is not really an answer. It’s just an excuse to stop being inquisitive and curious, to just be lazy. Or if you mean that an all powerful omniscient being made us- that is not very convincing. Of course we anthropomorphize and think someone “made” the universe like we make dinner. The problem is that that view is not based on any evidence, just a tautology, as well as being wishful thinking as if we lived in the dark ages. Rather just try being comfortable with the fact that we don’t know, and be careful what you consider to be a more plausible explanation than others. Learn about what we have discovered about the size and vastness of the universe, it’s age and crazy numbers of not just stars but galaxies. “God”, an omniscient tyrant, similar to how peasants viewed kings, would be the most uninteresting explanation for the sublimity and beauty of nature. Walk outside, look up at the stars, and just feel comfortable saying “I don’t know!”

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