Aug 17, 2011

‘I never hear an atheist give me any answers’ – Piers Morgan takes on atheism on CNN last night

Piers Morgan gives Penn Jillette a run for his money on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight as they discuss God, atheism and the question of origins alongside Penn’s new book God, No!


  • Not that I’m really up for Morgan’s apparent quasi-deism and ‘celestial’ eschatology, but it was pretty amusing, and he’s point is right: atheism has no answers for the big questions, which is why some of the leading atheists are trying to tell us that they’re non-questions!

  • There are an awful lot of negative comments on the site, and its difficult to argue with some of them, they both talked over each other, didn’t give each other a real chance to answer etc. Penn also had some reasonable points, he admits that he has no answers, from an Atheists point of view we have no answers either.

    Penn says at the end: “My answer is ‘I don’t know,’ your answer is ‘something beyond comprehension’ – aren’t those the same answers?”

    I can see his point.

  • Yes, I’m with Simon here: I can see Penn’s point. Morgan isn’t a good apologist for orthodox Christianity. ‘I don’t know’ and ‘something beyond comprehension’ are rather similar. ‘Something beyond human comprehension but revealed in history’ – now that’s a different thing altogether.

    • The reason I’m with Piers is that Piers isn’t trying to promote his religious views or sell books by peddling poor arguments about belief in God but Penn is. So I think even if Piers own reasoning and argumentation is poor he’s not in a debate but rather doing his job as a talk-show host in highlighting the weaknesses in Penn’s position even as Penn tries to make money out of it.

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