Jul 1, 2011

God cannot be happy until you are with him in heaven – why we ignore the doctrine of election at our peril

Wherever we find the doctrine of election in the Bible we find worship. For men and women of the Scriptures election is a doctrine not for debate or disagreement, nor even awkward embarrassment but profound and heartfelt gratitude.

Because in it we find a great assurance and a certain hope that the God who has of his own freewill set his love upon us cannot be happy until we are with him.

God always gets what he wants and what he wants are his people to share his glory, every last one of them. Whilst our troubles may threaten to overwhelm us and whilst we find the future to be so uncertain and unsure we know that He cannot be happy until all those who know and love him are with him forever.

Jim Packer in Knowing God writes.

If a father continues cheerful and carefree while his son is getting into trouble, we wonder at once how much love there can be in their relationship, for we know that those who truly love are happy only when those whom they love are truly happy also. So it is with God in his love for us. God’s happiness is not complete till all his beloved ones are finally out of trouble – in William Cowper’s words,

Till all the ransomed church of God, Be saved to sin no more

God has set his love on particular sinners, and he will not know perfect and unmixed happiness again till he has brought every one of them to heaven. Thus God saves not only for his glory but also for his gladness. The thought passes understanding and almost beggars belief, but there is no doubt that, according to Scripture, such is the love of God.

The Lord you God is with you, He will rejoice over you with singing – Zephaniah 3:17

Let us learn to rejoice in the sovereign love of a God who chose us in Christ, before the world began, all for His glory.

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  • This is why debates about election are so out of place – the doctrine is never taught coldly or in a vacuum, it is always taught in the scriptures as a means of encouraging believers to persevere – to recognise that their salvation is God’s doing and he will finish it.

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