Apr 22, 2011

What Ricky Gervais knows about Easter

What is it about being famous that means you get given a platform to speak your mind on issues you don’t even understand. Journalism might reasonably be regarded as 80 per cent entertainment and 20 per cent information but if Ricky Gervais’s blog on Easter is any thing to go by I’d suggest it’s more like 95 per cent entertainment and 5 per cent information.

The blog is called  An (Atheist) Easter Message from Ricky Gervais.  But I struggled to find any reference to Easter in it at all. There’s no attempt to explain or interpret the Easter story, no mention of the cross or the resurrection just a rant about religion.

The most striking thing about the article is Gervais’s claim to have kept the law of God. Seriously. Here is a man who seems to genuinely believe he has kept the 10 commandments.  He claims to like the teachings of Jesus and yet one wonders how anyone who has ever read the sermon on the mount could think that they have kept the law. If ‘do not commit adultery’ includes as Jesus insists never even to have looked at a woman lustfully then it’s remarkable that Gervais would claim to have kept it.

The 10 commandments are really a call to perfection as Jesus insists, Matthew 5:48, ‘Be perfect as your father in heaven is perfect.’

No wonder Paul argues that the very purpose of the law for those who will see it is to make us conscious of sin and to prepare us to receive Christ.

If you think you’re able to keep God’s standards, if you can make it on your own, well there can never be anything good about a good friday.

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  • Nice one.

    I wonder if his whole ‘I have kept the 10 commandments’ isn’t just part of the Ricky-Gervais-is-amazing shtick that he seems to put on (see http://youtu.be/Jc20vMz0V7Q & http://youtu.be/V1AnErj2WvU )

    In fact, if you see what he writes about the first one:

    ‘You shall have no other gods before Me.’

    I definitely do not. Excellent. I get one point.

    It’s easy to see the joke he’s playing – he’s an atheist, so “of course” he doesn’t have other gods before God (just don’t mention that I don’t have God either). It’s like the kid who says to his mum ‘you said I couldn’t buy it in that shop – you didn’t say anything about getting it in the other shop!’

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