Feb 14, 2011

Pornography corrupts us to the core

Wired for Intimacy is a book for Christians that written by William M .Struthers a Christian associate professor of psychology at Wheaton College. Perhaps uniquely it addresses not simply how men can deal with pornography but what pornography does to us, emotionally, spiritually, physically and psychologically.

To listen to an interview with Dr. Struthers visit here. For help with addiction to pornography visit www.xxxchurch.com.

The book includes the following table that tells something of the damage that unhealthy sexuality causes. The table is adapted from a book called The Porn Trap by Larry and Wendy Maltz.

Godly/Healthy Sexuality Pornography/Unhealthy sexuality
Caring Using
Sharing with someone “Doing to” someone
Honoring Shameful
Authentic Deceitful
Enhancing your identity Compromises your identity
Emotional bonding Emotional separateness
Spiritual unity Spiritual separateness
Morally saturated Free of moral convention
Communication is essential Communication is optional
Other-directed Selfish, self-directed
Biblical boundaries Has no limites
Involves all of the person Is visual and genital
Naturally drives us toward intimacy Unnaturally drives us toward compulsions
National drives toward sanctification Unnaturally drives towards depravity
Matures into responsible habits Escalates toward irresponsible risks
Nurutres the spouse Hurts the partner
Is an expression of love Is an expression of usefulness
Humanizes Objectifies
Honors the image/imaging of God in you Dishonors the image/imaging of  God in you
Honors the image/imaging of God in spouse Dishonors the image/imaging of God in another
Provides emotional, moral, psychological and relational clarity Produces emotional, moral, psychological and relational confusion


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