Dec 31, 2010

My 10 top questions for every month of 2011

My only resolution this year? To make time to ask myself these 10 questions at the beginning of each month in 2011.

Five questions to help me look back over the previous month

1) Gospel: What is it about the gospel that has gripped me?

What has surprised me? What have I rediscovered?

Is it something of the character of God or the person and work of Christ or the promises of the gospel that I need to ensure I hold on to and even share?

2) Change: Is there anything I need to repent of?

An ungodly attitude? Pride, greed, self-sufficiency, prayerlessness, discontent, doubt,..

A wrong behaviour? A loose tongue, lustful thoughts, lazy hands

Something in my life that is functioning as an idol – work, a relationship, a hobby?

How am I going to apply the gospel in prayerful belief that God can change me? Who might God

3) Thanksgiving: What have I to be thankful to God for?

How has God blessed me, provided for me, protected me, directed me in this last month?

4) Others to me: Who has God used in my life for good and have I thanked them as well as thanked God for them?

The thoughtfulness of a friend? The support of a spouse? The consideration of a work colleague? The preaching of my pastor?…

5) Me to others: How have I influenced the lives of others- for good or bad? What must I learn? Who do i need to say sorry to?…

Five questions to help me prepare for the month ahead

6) Church family: How can I better serve Christ’s body, the church, in this coming month?

Do I need to be encouraging a brother, ministry area leader, pastor in some way? Do I need to discover or develop my gifts? Do I need to be more deliberate in my attendance and participation at church?

7) Planning: What priorities do I need to reorder?

Do I need to make more time for God, for family, for my non-Christian friends?

Do I need to spend less time pursuing….

8) Missional: How can I be more intentional in spreading the good news of the gospel?

Am I praying for non-believers by name? Am I seeking opportunity to talk of Christ and am I praying for them? Am I using the glory of the gospel to motivate my desires rather than the guilt of a self-justifying heart?

9) Investing: Which three people in particular do I need to invest in this month? Who might I need to encourage to look out for another?

10) Perspective: How can I keep the hope of heaven more real this month than last?

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