Dec 30, 2010

Writer of BBC’s Nativity on his journey to faith

Did you catch the BBCs screening of The Nativity over the Christmas period? (if not catch it here while you can). The screenplay was written by Tony Jordan best known for writing 250 episodes of EastEnders and more recently Life on Mars.  In a fascinating interview in The Telegraph he tells of his own personal journey from scepticism to belief.

I don’t come from a religious background and I don’t think I’m anybody’s fool. I was expelled from school at 14. I’ve been in trouble. I know that people from my sort of background have always discounted the story of the nativity and I certainly didn’t believe it when I started on it three years ago. But now I do.”

The only thing I know for sure is that the words I read as coming from Jesus Christ are the most truthful thing I have ever heard. As a blueprint for mankind, it is so smart that it couldn’t even have come from a clever philosopher. Who would have been smart enough to say ‘He who is without sin cast the first stone’? Wow! That’s pretty cool.”

Even the virgin birth is taken in its stride:

‘If you accept that Jesus is Son of God, why would you not believe that Mary was a virgin, and that God must have had some handin the impregnation?’

What should we take from this encouraging interview?

It suggests to me that the biggest challenge that Christians face is in inspiring people to read the Bible for themselves.  Perhaps the biggest barrier to faith is the beginning – once people start the journey many continue it to its destinations end.

Certainly it’s been my experience that once people meet Jesus on his own terms and take time to understand him that the cynicism faces and many find themselves drawn to him.  There is something beautiful, compelling, attractive about the man, his message and his mission.

For a great review of The Nativity from a Christian perspective check out Mark Meynell’s blog here.

For an extended interview with Tony Jordan try this (with thanks to Mark Meynell).

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  • Neil, really heart-warming to read this, including your conclusion. Thanks.

    I shared it all with our evening congregation last night. And we prayed.
    We’re about to embark upon another Christianity Explored. Great to think that the “beautiful, compelling, attractive” Jesus may well again be walking off the pages of Mark into people’s lives through it…we pray on.

    See you soon.

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